We intend to earn your trust at every level and strive to provide an unmatched client experience. If you feel your experience does not parallel your expectations, we ask that you contact us to see how we can better meet your needs. Due to the nature of the product and service, refunds can only be provided on a pro-rated basis for the remaining subscription period.



DEVICE TERMS (Applicable plans only)

The devices, protective cases, stands, sync cables, and charging blocks are to be returned to SureScan at the end of the subscription period, unless the subscription is renewed or terminated. In the case of termination, return of said equipment must be returned to SureScan immediately or a penalty of $200 may be assessed.


DEVICE REPLACEMENT (Applicable plans only)

Any damage or loss of the device(s) remain the responsibility of the subscriber. Clients will be provided one replacement device, free of charge, for each Plan subscription. All additional devices needing replacement can be purchased at retail cost. Under this Plan, all replacements can only be performed by authorized agents of SureScan. SureScan reserves the right to replace any defective product with a product of equivalent or superior performance. The replacement product may be a remanufactured product using remanufactured components at the discretion of SureScan. Replaced or repaired products will be covered under the Warranty for the remainder of the subscription term.


DEVICE MODIFICATIONS (Applicable plans only)

No additional software may be installed, and no modifications may be performed, on the device hardware, software, operating system, or otherwise, unless under the direction of SureScan.