Discover regulatory compliance in an adaptable, easy-to-use software solution that gives you the enhanced features to meet all your needs.

Selling regulated and age-restricted products like tobacco, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and cannabis does not have to be a challenge. Age ID® does so much more than age calculation and real-time authentication of identification documents such as driver licenses. Industry-leading accuracy lets you spot fake IDs, with additional, responsive features including managing purchase histories, patterns, and managing the do-not-serve and banned patron lists.  Innovation is yours in an affordable technology solution that will not slow your customer’s transaction. Age ID® is flexible. The product works on iOS and Android mobile devices. Age ID® is the proven, comprehensive software that’s trusted by liquor stores, tobacco and vape retailers, cannabis dispensaries, and many other retail industries across the nation.


  • Provides the most accurate and up-to-date solution that works with iOS and Android mobile devices

  • Increases awareness of fraudulent credentials with real-time accurate authentication of customer identification

  • Verifies that the individual attempting to purchase restricted goods is old enough to make the purchase

  • Allows retailers to track purchases and add individuals to do-not-serve and banned patrons lists

  • Avoid costly fines, license suspension, and even the loss of license that can come with failure to prevent minors from purchasing age-restricted products by using fake or altered IDs

  • Reads and parses a significant number of unique DMV barcode formats from every U.S. state and populated territories, all Canadian provinces, and all Mexican States where driver licenses include 2-D barcodes

  • Available as a subscription service or customized solution designed to meet your specific needs

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