With numerous years of combined law enforcement and industry experience, the identity document experts at SureScan have manually verified thousands of identification documents from all over the country. We are recognized throughout the country as subject-matter experts on counterfeit documents. We strongly affirm that manual verification is the most accurate method to confirm the authenticity of identification. However, manual verification can be problematic, in that if done adequately, it can be time consuming. It also requires a specialized level of knowledge to be highly accurate. In our years of training law enforcement, government enforcement agents, and retailers, we know that this level of knowledge is not easily obtained or evoked on an impromptu basis. Therefore, a tool would be helpful in supplementing any knowledge already possessed, so long as this tool is not exclusively relied upon in determining the authenticity of identification. The preferred method of checking IDs is an combination of manual inspection and automated verification using the AgeID Authenticator app.

We have over 65 years of combined experience in the law enforcement, regulatory compliance, and hospitality industries. You can't go wrong with our knowledge and experience. Our professional services team of identity document experts can work with you to integrate Age ID® into your existing operations.

We serve all markets where accurate and real-time age and/or identity authentication is of vital importance. We offer the technology and comprehensive training which makes it possible for our clients to enhance the awareness and safety of their establishments and employees, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies. 




Mark Baxter is an 20+ year veteran law enforcement officer currently assigned as a detective, investigating violations of alcohol laws. He has held previous employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is a veteran of the United States Army. Prior to his career in law enforcement, Mr. Baxter worked in the bar & restaurant industry for 14 years, serving many back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house positions, to include managerial roles.


In his current assignment, Mr. Baxter instructs police officers, police recruits, and civilians from across the country in the detection of fraudulent identity documents. He has provided training for numerous organizations to include the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association, and the Northwest Alcohol Conference. Mr. Baxter has been awarded by various organizations including the Governor’s Office on Crime Control and Prevention, ASIS International, and the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association. He is recognized as a Subject Matter Expert on fraudulent documents by the District Court of Maryland and is a member of the U.S. Attorney's Office Identity Theft Working Group, the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association, and the Maryland Alcohol Licensing Association.

Pressed by the influx of high-quality counterfeit documents available online, Mr. Baxter created the award-winning “Fake ID-Real Problem” campaign to battle fraudulent ID use. To date, this program has helped to prevent more than 1800 sales of alcohol to underage persons and has led to the confiscation of over 2500 fraudulent documents in his jurisdiction alone.